Southern Ontario Possums

by Emily, Margaret, Lynn, Brian, Chrissy and various readers
(Downtown Toronto, Kitchener, Elora, Mississauga, Hamilton, Alliston, Paisley)


Emily, who lives in downtown Toronto, wrote to tell us of her Possum sighting ..... 11:00 pm while parking in the front of my house I spot a Possum running up the driveway, wow! It ran over to my neighbor's house where it blended in with these two neighborhood stray cats. Seems like my neighbour doesn't realize he is not only feeding stray cats! Nonetheless these creatures showed no fear and I'm worried at how many more can be lurking in my neighborhood.

A reader from Kitchener, Ontario recently wrote to tell us ..... We live in the city, and my husband and I were surprised to see a very large Possum walking across our front lawn at 8:00 am December 5, 2013. At first glance, we thought it was our grey long-haired cat "Chubbs". He is a big boy, but the Possum was much larger! Needless to say, we got the cat in the house immediately.

Margaret from Elora said ..... We saw a Possum feeding under our bird feeder tonight just after midnight. We live in Elora in southern Ontario just north of Guelph.

Lynn from Ajax tells us ..... I let my dog out late one evening. He started barking after a bit and I realized he was barking at a Possum! He got pretty close to it. It was in a corner near our BBQ.

Brian from Mississauga wrote to say ..... One waddled up my driveway ahead of my car in the late afternoon (still daylight) in the Brittania Road and Glen Parkway area. Didn't get a picture since I was in my car, but I would guess this possum was close to 10 kilograms

A reader from Mississauga tells that there are Possums at Eglinton and Hurontario area in their backyard!

Chrissy from Hamilton recently wrote to say ..... Spotted one mid December walking the dogs. It was about the size of a Raccoon with a solid white face. It seemed pretty well fed! Spotted at Rymal and Upper Paradise south east corner scurrying fast into a tree!

A reader from Alliston, Ontario told us ..... I had the unfortunate experience of see one of the poor guys killed crossing the road today on my way home to Barrie from Alliston. I slowed down to avoid hitting him/her, but an SUV hit the little guy before he made it across the road. It upset me a bit, and piqued my interest in the little buggers. I have seem them more than one on my half hour commute. I didn't realize they were marsupials. All I remember about Possums growing up is Granny (from "Beverly Hillbillies"), offer Mr. Drysdale (the banker) some Possum Pie!

Ryan from Paisley, Ontario, wrote to say ..... While I have seen several carcasses around the roads today I managed to see one in a field near a large dead tree. It looked to be a good size.

Thank you all so much for writing to tell us about your Possum encounters - we get many, many of these so I have had to start combining them onto one page!

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