Southern Ontario Owls

by Warren Davis, Sandy, Mike Yazdekhasti, Leanne Hohl, Carl Kemp, Brenda, Melissa, the Intini Family
(Watford, Barrie, Kitchener, Collingwood, Toronto, Vaughan Mills, Old South London)

One of our readers wrote to say ... I saw an Eastern Screech Owl land in a backyard spruce tree just before dusk. Shortly after, it was joined by another which flew onto a nearby branch. They allowed me to watch in delight for a few seconds before flying off. Lovely sight!

February 26 - Warren Davis from Watford, Ontario said ... I came home from work, went out to fill bird feeder. This fella was perched on a chair on back deck. Got within 10 feet before head swiveled around. Still didn't move. Got 3 pictures before he flew off.

Sandy wrote to report ... Three of us experienced a shocking start to this frigid February morning, namely myself, a large Owl and a little rabbit. We live in a forest clearing near Barrie, Ontario, in a house with large windows. I was making my morning coffee at 6:30, just before sunrise, when SMACK! Something large hit our living-room window. I turned to look outside in time to see a slightly stunned, large black Owl gather his wits together on our deck before flying off; and then a fleeting glimpse of a (likely terrified) brown rabbit dash off into the woods. Was it captured and dropped? Or was it a target? I don't know. In our 16 years of living here I have seen much wildlife, and smaller birds have occasionally, unfortunately, hit our windows in summer, but I have never seen an Owl hunting. It flew away before I could grab my camera.

Mike Yazdekhasti wrote to tell us ... Experimental Farm Lane, it must have seen me coming before I glanced at the pole. It took off and flew slow, a big white bird, down the lane to the top of the end pole. Around us all snow, it was showing off. When I walked by, I saw a white Owl with grey spotted wings - I whistled and taunted but it was not afraid. I observed and walked backward, it must have been impressed. Another night for the Owl, and a sublime treat for my memory.

February 23, Leanne Hohl wrote to report ... I live in Kitchener, Ontario, and tonight I got a chance to see an Owl in my own backyard. I do not have any pictures being it was 9 pm and dark out, but there was no mistaking what it was. I love Owls and have always wanted to see one and tonight I was given that gift. I hope I get the chance again and will be able to capture a picture, but the memory will last for the rest of my life.

Carl Kemp from Peterborough says ... I saw a Snowy Owl just outside Collingwood, Ontario, and was wondering if it was necessary to report this, and if so to whom?

Brenda wrote to tell us about a tiny Great Horned Owl she spotted ... There is a really small mature healthy Owl in our back barn. It looks like a Great Horn Owl, but the size of a pigeon. Maybe even smaller. I would guess it is about 1 pound maybe a little more. Looks like a rare bird. No photo sorry.

Melissa from Toronto wrote to say ... I saw a Snowy Owl sitting on top of a light post yesterday in the Vaughan Mills Parking lot. So awesome to see one out in the wild. I couldn't take a pic as it was too far up, and the sky was grey and cloudy.

The Intini Family recently spotted an Owl ... We live in the Old South neighbourhood of London, Ontario. Our backyard backs onto the Thames River. We tried to take a picture of the Owl, but it was too dark out (8:20 pm). We think it might be a Screech Owl.

Thank you all for sending in your Owl sightings.

Carl - it isn't necessary to report your Snowy Owl sighing to any official department, but thank you for writing to tell us about it!

Melissa - there is an Eastern Screech Owl which is very small and also has "ears", perhaps this is what you saw.

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