Southern Grey County

by Several of our readers, Barbara M, Dianne, Jennifer L, Linda
(Southern Grey County, Kitchener, Toronto, Orillia, Port Hope, Owen Sound, Amherstburg, Thornhill)

Poor Possum

Poor Possum


A reader from Southern Grey County sent us this picture and report of their Possum sighting ..... Spotted this poor wee fellow on the road in front of our farm in south Grey County. Stopped to take a photo... as I'd never seen a possum this far north. Photo taken October 16 2013 in Southgate Township near Hopeville. Clearly he was struck by a car or truck last night. This is a sideroad and would not be a truck route, so he was probably a "local".

From Kitchener, we received this report from one of our readers ..... I have seen a Possum twice. Both sightings were in the Kitchener-Waterloo area both between 12:30 am and 1:00 am.

A reader from Toronto wrote to say ..... I live in the Beaches area of downtown Toronto and found a Possum in my blue box last night. November 29, 2013.

Barbara Moore from Orillia, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her midnight encounter with a Possum ..... It was midnight, floodlight shining on the backyard reveals a Possum meandering across the yard Friday November 8 2013 3C, snowing lightly

A reader from Port Hope, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... Unfortunately, our first sighting was today (10 November 2013) of a road killed Possum on Lakeshore Road, Port Hope, Ontario.

Dianne from Owen Sound, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I saw one right outside my patio door when I went to turn off my outside light and lock the door about 6:30 pm November 13th. It just looked at me then calmly turned and walked away. I was a little surprised to see one up so close I didn't know there were any up here nor did I realize how big they are.

Jennifer Ledoux from Amherstburg, Ontario, says ..... I just spotted a Possum in our back yard in Amherstburg. Our dog was barking at something so I went to check and there was a Possum climbing a piece of wood.

Linda, from Thornhill, tells us about her puppy and the possum ..... Last night I let my puppy out in our backyard and she was barking with a very guarded tone. I knew right away that there must be something in the backyard. Couldn't tell as it was very dark but my husband grabbed the flashlight and we soon discovered it was a Possum.

Thank you all so much for telling us about the Possums you have seen!

Our readers will enjoy them very much!

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