Soaring overhead in January

by Wayne
(Cavan, Ontario, Canada)

Soaring Ontario Bald Eagle

Soaring Ontario Bald Eagle

I live southwest of Peterborough Ontario out in the country.

Today as I was outside in minus 11 degree weather checking the bird feeder, I looked up and saw a bird circling slowly overhead hundreds of feet up.

I thought perhaps it was a Hawk but do know most migrate south. It then hit me. It was a Bald Eagle.

I ran back into the house for binoculars and was in awe of the sight I got to watch for over five minutes as it made its way slowly eastwards.

I had seen a pair of Bald Eagles many years ago near Buckhorn, Ontario but nothing since then. I had no idea they were around here or even here in the winter.

There was no time for pictures nor would they have been close enough to take.

I'm just passing on what happened out here today ... it was awesome ...

Thank you, Wayne, for this report of your Bald Eagle sighting - my apologies for the delay in publishing it.

I hope you don't mind, but I added a picture of a Bald Eagle in flight.

I will also post this on our facebook page as I'm sure our facebook followers will also enjoy it.

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