Snowy Owls across the area

by Abraham D, Karen, Beth, M Minke, Jackie G, J Wrobel
(Cavan, Hamilton, Simcoe, Wiarton, Leamington, Merlin)

Abraham Draycott from Cavan, Ontario, said ... I was walking the dogs on a trail system through the Cavan swamp and two days in a row I scared something big out of a tree off of the trail. I didn't see what it was. When I got to the beginning of the trail a large Snowy Owl dropped out of a tree right in front of me. I said to myself that was definitely a Snowy Owl. I couldn't believe the size.

Karen from Hamilton wrote to report ... Last night, Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 at approximately 21:15, I witnessed a Snowy Owl land on the balcony of an apartment directly across from my own. We are located in East Hamilton in the Barton and Centennial area. The bird landed on the edge of the adjacent balcony with it's wings still outstretched. It was enormous. At first sight, it looked like a bed sheet hung out to dry. Moments later, it took off, and flew right past me. It was definitely a Snowy Owl. It was a wonderful experience to see such a beautiful bird so close. I hope it remains safe and unharmed.

Beth from Simcoe, Ontario said ... I was driving out near Stelco on Lake Erie when I caught sight of a Snowy Owl sitting on a guardrail post at the side of the road late yesterday afternoon. I was so surprised to see it I didn't even think of grabbing my phone to take a picture until I was well down the road. I debated going back but decided not to risk disturbing it. The sun was so bright s/he was almost glowing. I dont think I've ever seen one so close in the wild before. What a treat. It totally made my day to see such a gorgeous creature!

Last February M Minke from Wiarton wrote to say ... For the past 8 days I have been spotting Snowy Owls perched on hydro poles on my morning commute up Hwy 6 to Lion’s Head on the Bruce Peninsula on a daily basis. This morning I spotted 2, both females. Such a treat to see them. No pics.

From Leamington, Jackie G reported ... Snowy Owl spotted 5:55 pm February 23, 2018 in Leamington, Ontario. County Road. 14 just west of #911 on a telephone pole. Pictures on phone are not clear but it awesome to see!!

From Merlin, Ontario, J Wrobel wrote to report ... I have had several Snowy Owls every winter for the last four years around the farm. This year we had at least 4, but usually I bid them a safe trip home to the arctic in March or early April. Last week (June 23rd) I was shocked to see two while driving into town. Will they survive the intense heat in Southwestern Ontario in the summer. I can only assume that there is an abundance of food that may be keeping them here as I know they will not breed in the North if food is scarce. My favorite moments are when they fly alongside my truck when I go down the road, they certainly are not shy. I stop and talk to them all the time (sounds silly, I know). Sorry I have no pictures to post today.

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