Snowy Owl at Dr Davey School

by Grade 4 Dr Davey School
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Snowy Owl at Dr Davey School, Hamilton, Ontario

Snowy Owl at Dr Davey School, Hamilton, Ontario

As we started our school day, we heard many students amazed at seeing a male Snowy Owl on our school roof.

Of course we needed to take pictures and learn more about the Snowy Owl.

We know it's a male, because it's pure white and females have dark feathers. We know it likes to hunt from high points, like telephone poles or tall trees to look for its prey.

It's on the roof looking over the park for some mice to eat.

We know that in the winter they come to southern Ontario and in the spring it goes back to the Arctic to breed.

It is not a nocturnal animal and that's why we can see it during the day time!

We are so excited to share our pictures with you!

Thank you, grade 4 class, for sending us your picture and for telling us about the Owl that visited your school!

You are right, this bird is probably a male if he had white feathers, and if you check out our page about the Snowy Owl, you can see pictures of both males and females.

You are correct in saying that they come south from the Arctic, to hunt during the winter and that they like to sit on high places to watch for prey and I have often seen them sitting on telephone poles and on road signs.

I hope that your Snowy Owl visits your school often and perhaps next year he might bring his mate with him so that you can see them both.

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