Six of them in our neighbours back yard

by Tammy
(London, Ontario, Canada)

The vultures are at Highbury Ave N, which surprises me, I always thought they would be found in a more forested area, or along highways.

They tend to circle dogs, (I have a Maltese and they have swooped down at him and me, just now actually!) thus why I'm looking up how they hunt.

I read that they eat dead animals but I'm baffled at the behaviour of our vultures it seems that they've been hunting live animals for quite a few years.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

I wish I was exaggerating or wrong but this is the second time they've almost touched the ground trying to get my little dog and last year they picked up 4 squirrels and dropped them, in the same area I suppose waiting for them to die, three of them did shortly after and one we do not know what happened to him.

So I've come here looking for answers.

Well, that is interesting ..... everything I have ever read about the Turkey Vulture, says that they are scavengers and eat carrion, but I will keep looking, meanwhile if any of our readers knows whether Turkey Vultures will hunt prey, or if you have observed this behaviour, please write in and let us know.

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