Single bald eagle in Tweed Ontario

by Lisa
(Tweed, Ontario, Canada )


I was driving home at 9:30 am on February 4 2014, when I spotted a huge Bald Eagle in the tree along side highway 37.

I stopped to watch for a while and hoped he would fly so I could be sure it was indeed a Bald Eagle!

His head turned as he watched me watching him.

So majestic and beautiful!!

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Bald Eagle sighting
by: Lou

I was travelling down hwy 28 just outside of Woodview, Ontario. The first thing I saw was this bright yellow coming toward me then I saw it's white head. I had to pull over I was so excited. I've seen them in the States but never here in Canada. I've been watching the skies ever since hoping to catch another sighting.

Two Eaglets spotted on Vanderwater Road
by: Corey

Since I was a young child I have been in awe at the sight of any bird of prey. I was fortunate enough to see and hear many Red Tail Hawk's in Malton 34 years ago. I was driving with the family approximately 3 weeks ago, in the Thomasburg (Tweed) area, when I spotted 2 very large soaring birds. I could tell they were not Osprey, or a Turkey Vulture (there are many in the area). As I got closer I did not recognize them to be a hawk. I did see a photo taken of a Bald Eagle sighting in the Stirling area last year. So I though maybe they were Eaglets, as they were much larger and soared differently than any Hawk I have ever observed. There underside matched the characteristics perfectly as well as their silhouette. I did not have a camera on my at the time, Sorry.

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