Sightings of Wolves

by Connie, Wadhi, Penny
(Dundas, Campbellville, Cornwall, Milton)

Connie from Dundas, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... we were driving on York Road near Valley Road, about 9:30 am, when we spotted what looked like a very large Wolf in the field. It was still for a while but when we slowed down to take a picture it took off into the field.

A reader from Carlisle / Campbellville wrote to tell us about their sighting ... We were riding along Millborough town-line between Derry and Mountsberg Road and spooked a Wolf on the side of the road, it jumped into the woods but didn't run away. We could see it for a little bit standing watching us. I've seen a lot of Coyotes and was sure this wasn't one. It was much bigger and healthier looking, but still wild looking.

Wadhi from Cornwall said ... I was just driving on Boundary Road in Cornwall, Ontario, and as I was passing the train tracks I could see a huge Wolf bolting in my direction and so I slammed the brake and realized that its was a Wolf. Amazing animal!

Penny wrote to say ..... I was out for my morning walk on the Milton pipeline trail just east of 4th line. A large Wolf came bounding out of the brush about 50 yards in front of me. I kept walking up the pathway that leads to Clark Street. As I looked back the Wolf had stopped and was watching me from a distance. It was definitely too big to be a Coyote. I certainly looks like the Grey Wolf images I've googled.

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your sightings - either those were wolves, and were seen where they shouldn't be, or they may have been Coy-Wolves (Coyote-Wolf hybrids).

A Coy-wolf can behave like a Coyote but look more like a Wolf, or sometimes they look Coyote-like but act more like Wolves.

Either way, give them lots of space!

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