Sightings of Bald Eagles

by Carey and Wendy L, Claudine D, Luc N, Wayne S, Helga, Elisha, Tim, Dan, Tim B, Steve B, Tony F, Mary, Rachael, France M
(Port Stanley, Crowe Lake, Barrhaven, Casselman, Dunville, Windsor, Bracebridge, Paisley, Mitchell, Creemore, Port Loring, Bayfield, Meaford )

Flying Bald Eagle

Flying Bald Eagle

Carey and Wendy Lewis from Port Stanley wrote to say ... my wife and I were travelling north on Imperial Road (road 73) when we saw a Bald Eagle perched on top of a dead deer in a field just off Imperial Road. At first we thought it was Turkey Vulture but when the big bird lifted his head there was no mistaking that it was a Bald Eagle. It really shows that Ontario has done a great job to improve the ecosystem! Having moved back to Ontario from BC, this was truly and amazing sight! Just love these birds.

Welcome back to this area - I'm so happy that you spotted a Bald!

Claudine D from Crowe Lake, Marmora, wrote ... looking out at beautiful Crowe Lake we notice several birds congregated near the last open water of the fall season. At first we couldn't make out what we were looking at, but as a few took flight we noticed that they were Bald Eagles. Most were just sitting on the ice, a few were flying around and a few more were doing some kind of areal sparring. The sighting lasted a few hours and ended with the sun getting ready to set. We knew of a family on our lake but were caught by surprise to see such a number gathered together.

Luc N from Barrhaven, Ontario, wrote to report ... I'm in my 50s and I have a bucket list like everyone else does. One of the items on that list is to see my first Bald Eagle in the wild. I always expected to experience that while travelling in the States (possibly doing other bucket list items). Never in a million years would I have expected to see one flying westbound roughly 8 to 10 stories above my head in -21°C weather at 10:30am on January 22nd 2019! The wing span equivalent to Great Blue Heron (which is what I thought it was from a distance). Unmistakable pure white head and tail, dark brown/black body feathers and large yellow talons.

I'm glad you get to cross one thing off your Bucket List, and it's a good one, they sure are beautiful birds.

In January Wayne S wrote to tell us ... driving home to Casselman from Alfred today on County Road 15 adjacent to the frozen-over South Nation River, we spotted two individual Baldies in deciduous trees overlooking the river. While trying to take a picture from the opposite shore, the two launched into majestic flight and headed down river. Always an impressive sight and none too often!

France M, also from Casselman, wrote to say ... a beautiful Bald Eagle was photographed in a tree near the Nation River near Casselman, Ontario.

I wonder if Wayne S and France M saw the same Bald Eagles?

Helga from Dunnville wrote to say ...I spotted a large Bald Eagle flying over my field just outside of Dunnville, Ontario, in the South Cayuga Road area, I have never seen one in my area before, it's dark body and white head and tail made it stand out in the gray sky.

Elisha from Windsor told us ... I just saw one flying over Tecumseh Road East and Hall Ave. We often see hawks here and I assumed it might be one, but it was way too huge, and had a white head and tail. I've never seen a bird this big, except maybe herons. It was incredible. It was headed in the direction of a forested park I think.

Tim from Bracebridge said ... I was working on a cottage build when the beautiful eagle flew onto a pine tree overlooking the lake. It watched us work for a minute or two then flew down towards the lake. The wingspan was massive. It was a wonderful experience. The birds are very much alive & well in Parry Sound, Muskoka.

Dan from Paisley, Ontario, wrote to say ... I have seen eight Bald Eagles just in the last 6 weeks near my home outside Paisley, Ontario. Two were in my backyard just this morning! It seems like they are everywhere!

Tim B wrote ... I was out running this morning about 8:00 am thru Lions Park in Mitchell, Ontario. A big Bald Eagle soared south along the west side of the Thames River east across the river and disappeared over the south side of town heading toward the lagoon.

Steve B from Creemore wrote to say ... on Saturday December 8th in the afternoon I was driving north on Airport Road through Avening, Ontario, when a large Bald Eagle flew in front of me over the road. Magnificent creature!

Tony F from Port Loring, wrote to say ... while driving along highway 522 east of Port Loring, Ontario, on December 29th, 2018, a Bald Eagle flew up out of the ditch at around 2:30 pm. It flew right up and across the front windshield of the car. An amazing sight!

Mary from the Bayfield area wrote ... Christmas morning in a rented cottage we were treated to multiple Eagle sightings as they soared along the shoreline. What a treat!

Rachael from Meaford said ... driving along highway 26 near Thornbury, Ontario we spotted a Bald Eagle flying overhead.

Thank you all for letting us know about your Bald Eagle sightings, how exciting! I remember the first time I spotted two Balds flying over me ... I was delighted because I had only ever seen them in a zoo before!

In the next day or two I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook friends can also enjoy reading about your experiences.

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