Sighting on the Canada Trail

by D. MacKenzie
(Ottawa (west) Ontario)

We had a close encounter with a lone wolf this morning.

Our meeting occurred while we were walking our dogs - an elderly black Lab and a youthful Norwich Terrier - along the Canadian Trail just east of Dwyer Hill Road.

We first noted him - we are assuming it was a "him" - well behind us and seemingly scenting the trail.

Rather than moving forward, we turned and retraced our steps towards him.

This brought him up short and he disappeared off the side of the trail into the woods.

We kept an eye out as we walked back.

Just in advance of where he had exited the trail, we glimpsed him as he stood, motionless and partly obscured by the long marsh grasses and scrub.

He was standing still his body facing along the trail to track our progress. He turned his head towards us just as we moved past him.

We kept walking along the trail and past him. He waited for some time and then trotted back to the trail and away from us until we lost sight of him when he again returned to the woods.

He was a pale almost grey white with a black collar of fur around his neck.

He appeared taller, more muscular and fit looking than a dog.

We noted his long legs and how he held his tail out and not down.

At no time did he make a sound and we discerned only a very wary curiosity, bordering on mere watchfulness in his bearing toward us.

We have an inkling we a sighted a Wolf.

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