Sighting on Stoney Lake near Lakefield

by Ben
(Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Ben from Peterborough writes - For the last couple of months I've been working on building a couple of cottages up on Stoney Lake, in central Ontario.

One day in November, I noticed a Bald Eagle soaring overhead. We stopped and watched it silently glide by.

Since then we've seen it at least 4 or more times, along with another Eagle. The "couple" have been seen twice more since then, but I have not seen them in a couple of weeks.

I am concerned for their safety as there are alot of hunters and "bushmen" around these parts. I was searching for a reporting centre or an organization that would come and research the sighting and hopefully offer some protection, at least through education, but only found this opportunity to share my story. Well hopefully someone will read this that has that knowledge or power.

Natures Servant.

Peterborough, Ontario

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Bald Eagle
by: Ian

Spotted a Bald Eagle on Christmas Day on Clear Lake. It was very healthy looking and still able to fish, no ice on the lake.

Bald Eagle on the Burleigh Channel
by: Paul

A few weekends ago (Aug 4,5 2012) we observed a Bald Eagle over Horseshoe and Fairy Lake islands.

We have seen it land in a dead pine tree as well as soaring on high. The local Osprey are not impressed as they have dive bombed the eagle on a few occasions.

It is great to see another active raptor in the area.

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