Sighting in Mississauga

by Marlene O'Neill
(Mississauga, Ontario)


We've seen large raccoons and rabbits in our backyard but nothing like this!!

I opened my back patio doors to let our 2 Chihuahuas out for some fresh air at about 10:30 this morning and watched as an Opossum quietly and confidently walked along our back fence, our neighbour's fence and as far as my eye could see (I thought they were nocturnal ?)

We live in the Erin Mills / 403 (Folkway) area of Mississauga, Ontario.

I was pretty freaked out and frightened to see him. But after doing some internet research, discovered that they really are not harmful...I just don't like their rodent-like look.

I was in so much shock as I watched it walk along the fence, that I didn't have my wits about me to pick up my phone and take a photo.

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