Sifton Bog

by Anon
(London, Ontario)

I have heard the Coyote's in Sifton Bog, London, I haven't yet seen one, but the sound of the fire trucks seem to make them howl.

I was back in the bog hiking by myself, and a fire truck went by - I heard the howl and bark of these coyotes. I was frightened at the time, and took off running out of the bog, as they sounded very close to me.

It was likely not the smartest thing to do, but I hadn't believed that they were back there to begin with. I suppose education is the key to these animals. After all, they are there because it is there natural habitat.

The humans have taken over a lot of natural habitat for many different animals and I suppose if the Sifton Bog was not deemed a natural resource they would have chopped the trees down and built there too.

So, to confirm, yes, there are Coyotes in the Sifton Bog located in the Oxford Street and Hyde Park Road area of London, Ontario.

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