Several Turkey Vulture Sightings

by Jamie
(St Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

For the past week I have seen several Turkey Vultures right in the city of St Catharines!

The first was a group of at least 30 near the St Paul Street bridge by the radio station.

I saw a smaller group near the train tracks where Glendale and Merritt Street are. I saw two separate groups of 3 of them today, one actually flew along Hartzel Road as I was driving down it and they swooped down behind one of the plazas there and out of my sight.... unreal!

I am blown away! They truly are amazing and beautiful. I had no idea we even had them in our area until I saw that first flock.

Now I can't seem to leave the house without spotting them (oh, one of the flocks of 3 I saw today were near the Pendale Centre up sort of behind Pendale Plaza).

I took some pictures on my phone, but they did not turn out well and they look like dots in the sky. lol.


Since I first wrote this a few weeks ago, I've had too many sightings to count. I am loving it.

My family thought I was just crazy and were making fun of me lol...then I had my mom in the car with me driving to Burlington and about every 5 minutes along the QEW we saw more and more of them circling around.

I was even at a children's birthday party yesterday (in Secord Woods) and one soared above.

This one was flying much lower than I usually see them and it was incredible!

Impressive wing span and coloring was quite dark with sort of grey or cream color on the tips.

There seems to be specific areas in the city where I tend to spot them. I would love to go bird watching for Vultures or Hawks or Falcons...

My Dad and siblings would love it too. If anyone has information about how we can do so, please comment :)

I'd love to hear from you!

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Seen Two of the Turkey Vultures
by: Shelley

Sunday 17th 2014 Hello .. I seen two of them today near the tracks. I guess it is mating season, I got great pictures.

by: Jamie

Thank Pat! Since I've posted this originally I pretty much can't leave the house without seeing vultures. I'm just as delighted every time. I was curious about their migration too, so thank you for the info.

Vultures in St Catharines
by: pat

Turkey Vultures can be seen by the hundreds in late April and May (in St Catharines) and all over Southern Ontario, travelling from southern U.S. and Mexico. They fly around the lakes and catch the winds along the escarpment, then heading north and dispersing at different areas, although many will stay in the area for summer, then return south again in fall.

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