Several Bald Eagle Sightings

by Melanie, David, Christopher, Sky, Catherine, Sue, Sylvia, Barry, Rob, Charlene, Jillian
(Norway Lake, St George, Keswick, Mt Pleasant, Port Severn, Wainfleet, Dorchester, King Township, Milton, Harwood, London)

Melanie Lord saw a Bald Eagle over Norway Lake and said ... we were having lunch on the screened in deck of our cottage looking down at our waterfront when I noticed movement up in the sky. It was unmistakably an eagle quite high in the sky coming down to our end of the lake. He circled over our bay and came lower and I thought he might land. My husband went for his camera but came back too late unfortunately. He didn't land but flew low over the water and headed back the way he came but only a few feet above the lake. He was spectacular. Classic eagle silhouette when he was up high. Huge wingspan. When seen from above (when he was flying low over the water) the back of his body and wings appeared lighter (but not white) than other parts of him. Maybe a juvenile phase??? What a surprising experience!!

David B Williams from St George wrote ... my wife and I were driving along Hwy 5 just East of Hwy 24 in St George Brant on Friday 1st May 2020 around 7.55am. It was sitting in a tree very close to the road being a large bird caught our attention. It was being harassed by two crows but seemed to be ignoring them. It was an amazing sight we never thought we would see a Bald Eagle around here.

Christopher G from Keswick wrote ... I thought I was looking at a large black bird at first but it clearly had that distinct white head and immediately I knew even though I had never seen one in my life before. It was about 6:30 pm, July 10th 2020 in Georgina at the very north end of Keswick about 1 km off the coast of the lake flying North.

Sky from Mount Pleasant wrote ... Eagles:🦅🦅 Spotted perched high on top of a tree in West Dunnville, Ontario, this day April 12 2021 🤗

Catherine M said ... I saw a pair of Bald Eagles around 6:30pm flying over highway 400 at Port Severn where the river spills into Georgian Bay Sunday September 20, 2020.

Sue Szegedi from Wainfleet wrote ... I was washing my car 8 o’clock in the morning, when I spotted this beautiful bird, flying very low. It was heading Lake Erie direction which is very close to us.

Last summer Sylvia MacLure from Dorchester wrote ... floating in the pool last Sunday I could hear above me an unusual sound of a bird. Soaring high above was a bald eagle. I see them here occasionally. Last year I saw four juveniles. Wow. Fantastic!
Barry Neilly from King Township said ... we spotted a single Adult Bald Eagle, clear white head and tail directly above us 200 meters or so while driving up Jane street, just north of the King/Vaughan Road. I jumped out of the car to take a video but it had disappeared over the tree line before I got a chance to film it. 100% Bald eagle. This is my second sighting in two years, the first was hywy 48 and Ravenshoe Road.

Rob Breininger wrote to say ... during a morning walk behind the Milton Sports Centre, I spotted the iconic white head of the Bald Eagle soaring about Sixteen Mile Creek. How cool was that!!!

Charlene from Harwood, Ontario, reported seeing a Bald eagle sighted flying over Rice lake.

Jillian Best reported ... my husband and I were out for a walk last night in our residential neighborhood in London, Ontario. About 50 m away from us, we saw a Bald Eagle swooping a few times down towards the nearby trees. Then, we saw it swoop down (out of our sight) and when it came back up towards the sky, it had captured a squirrel! It flew off, squirrel in hand- or talon ;) Very cool to see so close to home, and very impressed by its enormous wingspan!

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