September Possums

by Grace, John & Conrad, Ashley, Jessica
(Toronto, Etobicoke, Leaside, Severn Bridge)




Grace, John, and Konrad Samsel from the Black Creek area, wrote to say ..... We saw a cute looking opossum twice on my patio eating chicken bones so graciously. I am looking forward to seeing this Opossum more often.

A reader from Etobicoke told us ..... Last evening, September 26, 2014 around 10:30 pm I heard a rustling sound outside my patio door and when I turned the light on I saw a furry animal nibbling on my patio pot tomato plant. I thought it was a Raccoon but when he turned around to see who made a noise, I saw the long pointed face and rat-like appearance and no mask. I looked it up saw it was an Opossum. He didn't seem afraid of the bright light and until I made several loud bangs it didn't leave, just looked at me with a "what's up " look. Going to sprinkle ammonia all around to see if that will keep them away. We have fruit trees and a large vegetable garden so we are a source of food! We live in the Eglinton Avenue west and Royal York Road area of Etobicoke in the west end of Toronto.

Ashley P says ..... I almost hit one in my car. Didn't realize we had Opossums here.

A reader from the community of Severn Bridge reported ..... We saw one outside our house at 10:00 pm on 20th September 2014 in Severn Bridge.

A reader from Toronto, Ontario, said ..... a dead possum was found on the roof of a private garage, near Ossington & College Streets, Toronto.

Jessica from Leaside wrote to tell us ..... 1:00 am, a Possum about the size of a cat walked past the basement window and peered in at me! Wow! I've never seen anything like it in Toronto before; its long thin face and big hairless tail were very distinctive.

Picture of Possum thanks to Dreamstime and Jerryd | - Opossum Photo

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