September Eagles

by Don Langford, Lito Coria, Tina, Julie, Trevor Howarth,
(Kerwood, Chatham, Dunville, Hamilton, Bradford)

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Don Langford from Kerwood, Ontario, wrote to tell us about his Bald Eagle sighting ... On Thanksgiving Sunday I was combining soybeans on a neighbour's farm. As I headed down the field and over a slight rise in terrain, I was greeted by not one, but FIVE Bald Eagles. Two the birds had full white plumage on their heads and tails while the remaining three were completely black. I assume I was observing two adults and their three offspring from this spring's hatching. What a sight!! All five birds were feasting on a carcass in the section of the field that I had harvested the afternoon before. I did not see a carcass at time of combining, so I assume the kill had taken place overnight. The propriety owner informed me he had seen five coyotes in the same area while he had been ploughing earlier in the week. As there are many deer resident in this area, I assume the carcass was a deer. I did not get off the combine to check - I did not wish to scare the Eagles from their Thanksgiving repast! This field is around 500 metres from the Sydenham River, where a pair of Eagles has been sighted over the past year or so. I regret that I did not have my camera with me. I do not possess a Smart Phone with photo capabilities so I am unable to share my unforgettable Eagle moment with the rest of the world. My apologies as it truly was memorable - please take my word for it!

Lito Coria wrote to say ... It was October 8 2014 as I was making my way to Mississauga from Hamilton after delivering my boat for storage for the winter. I noticed this big black bird above me as I drove on highway 407 eastbound. I looked and I thought that it was a Turkey Vulture, but as it got closer to me I notice that it wasn't a Turkey Vulture, it was actually a Bald Eagle. I actually had to stop on the side of the highway to get a better look, I took my binoculars out and double checked, true enough, it was a Bald Eagle. "Man oh man" I thought I was back in Alaska and BC cause I went there last year to actually just to experience to be able to see this birds of prey. Anyways, it was such a nice feelings to be able to see these wonderful birds flying in and around our city. Hopefully no one dares to hunt or harm these birds, so that they can reproduce, and so we all can have the beautiful feelings and experience as I have, cause they are a very precious bird. Thank you. Let's enjoy them and not harm them!

Tina from Chatham, Ontario, told us ... I was shocked to see a large Bald Eagle on Centre side road just outside of Eberts (Chatham, Ontario). We were used to seeing them when we lives in BC but never expected to see one here - and only a feet away from us. Just beautiful when he took flight - I just wished I had the camera!

Julie from Dunville, told us about her Lake Erie sighting ... A large Bald Eagle flew over our cottage and landed on the beach. I tried to get a picture but was not in time.
We are on Lake Erie just East of Dunnville (Haldimand Road 49).

One of our readers wrote to tell us ... I have now seen three Bald Eagles. Two were flying over Cootes Paradise in Hamilton. The other one was at the Deer Creek Conservation area in Norfolk County. We were quietly fishing and drifting along when we were startled by a VERY loud HISS or spitting sound from above. We looked up and realized that we had drifted right under a Bald Eagle perched in a tree! We watched each other for about 20 minutes before it flew away. My husband has seen it multiple times there.
Trevor Howarth from Bradford, Ontario, wrote to say ... 7:45 am heading to the 400 highway on Canal Road west bound. I could not believe what I saw but the white head and tail had to be a Bald Eagle. There are so many hawks around the area, it was a loner at this time. I hope to stop and take pictures next time.

Thank you all so much for writing to tell us about your sightings of Bald Eagles - isn't it wonderful that they are becoming more common in Southern Ontario!

We are so fortunate to have such amazing wildlife in our area, and I know our readers are going to enjoy reading about your experiences!

Because we receive so many reports of wildlife sightings, I am combining several of them into one larger posting to our blog.

Picture of Bald Eagle courtesy of Kaye Edmonds

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by: Connie

I was leaving the bank, back parking lot on King St. in Chatham Ontario, looking towards the river when I saw a Bald Eagle flying along and across the water. I didn't see where it went, but it sure was beautiful with the morning sun shining on it.

Bald Eagle Sighting
by: Lori

So thrilled today, while driving along the 407 in the Oakville area today, I spotted a beautiful Bald Eagle. Perching in a tree it was easy to spot this time of year. January 2015.

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