Seeing a Wolf - the perfect start to my day

by Nancy Lane
(Tobermory, Ontario, Canada)

Nancy from Tobermory says - Oh, what a thrill. I was preparing breakfast this morning and looking out of my kitchen window, something caught my eye in the bush. I kept starring at the spot I had seen something move and there coming from the other direction was a large beautiful Wolf.

I have seen many Coyotes and have heard both them and Wolves howling at the back of our property, but this is the first sighting of a Wolf for me.

We walked some and looked at all the paw prints in the snow. They were very large and were heavy as it had broken through many places in the thick hard snow.

The thrill of finally a dream come true. As it lifted it's head and looked in my direction I could only hold my breath. After a few moments it walked into the bush to join the other one. Perhaps this is a pair and one day I hope to see them again.

Now the folks up here in Tobermory are saying I saw just a Coyote. Let them believe what they wish - I know I finally saw this amazing creature.

Thank you for your lovely story - please let us know if you see wolves again!


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