Sailing...It's Fun

by Gerry Taylor
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Sailing On Lake Erie

Sailing On Lake Erie

We have a sailboat which we either dock at Port Stanley or Port Bruce in the spring, then we go out on Lake Erie whenever we have a chance to sail. It is so relaxing ... all you can hear is the birds, the waves and the wind.

If it's a humid day, being out on the lake is refreshing.

Going out of the Port Stanley docks we usually have to wait for the lift bridge to open so the mast of our sailboat will clear the bridge... then we're off to a nice leisurely sail on the lake. Port Bruce doesn't have a lift bridge so we can go out whenever ... without waiting for anything.

We often take a snack out with us on the sail but sometimes we just go for a sail and when we come back in we sometimes go for food. At Port Stanley we may go to Mackie's or The Buccanneer restaurant. In Port Bruce there are other places to eat around the lake.

There are some great places to visit along the lake south of St Thomas, it's a great community to live in.

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