Rita Brouwers

by Rita Brouwers
(Rockwood, Ontario, Canada)

We see Coyotes often at our house just outside of Rockwood, Ontario.

Our house is in the bush beside Blue Springs Creek. We see them going to or from the creek in the early morning or late afternoon/evening.

The only time they have been a problem is when they try to lure our dogs out to "play" So intelligent!

One of my dogs (we have three) was whining at the front door to get in.

I let him in and no sooner had I done that when six Coyotes circled our house a couple of times.

Four ran down our driveway while two hid behind our propane tank waiting for our dogs to chase after the others.

Needless to say I was very happy that my dogs were inside the house. They wouldn't have stood a chance.

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