Right in the back yard

by Tiffany Guiza
(London, Ontario, Canada )

I was sitting outside with my 2 year old daughter, Ashlynn, when out of nowhere this hawk comes and sits on the gazebo.

I turn to look at what my daughter was looking at and to my surprise it's the hawk.

So it stays there for a few seconds, like 30, and goes swooping into the yard and starts eating its prey.

Then it flies onto the swing set and stayed there for a good 10 mins only to be squawked at by a crow who amazingly tried to scare the hawk off by squawking at it quite aggressively until it swooped down and flew so close and it acted as if it was trying to attack the hawk but the crow just flies away.

Now the hawk still stayed perched on the swing set, and then we went inside to leave her to what she wanted to do.

When I looked out again she was gone.

Thank you for sending this report of the Red Tailed Hawk who visited your yard and the picture too - I will also post this on our facebook page.

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