Rexdale Possum

by Trevor Collins
(Etobicoke North, Ontario (Rexdale))


I saw a dead animal in my back yard one evening and when I went to look I was amazed to find that it was a Possum.

Guess what. I was not dead.

Its mouth was partially open and its eyes were open. I touched its tail with a stick and the tail curled just a little bit.

The dogs had a sniff and we all went inside and I waited for it to get up or something.

It was in the late fall about four years ago. The snow was falling lightly and It just lay there with the snow lightly covering its side.

I got tired of waiting after about five minutes and when I went back to the window check a few minutes later, it was standing and walking slowly away.

Thank you for telling us about your Possum that was "Playing Possum"!

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