Red-Tailed hawk on the loose

by Mark
(Toronto ON)

The Predator

The Predator

My girlfriend and I were going shopping one day and settled on a lineup to get in.

We saw a flock of pigeons in the area flying from something and noticed there was an enormous bird chasing them.

I believe it was one of these majestic birds because of the red pigment we saw on its tail and its curved bill.

Here's what happened if I recall correctly: There was a hangar nearby where the trucks usually park their vehicles. Pigeons love to nest on the roofs of this hangar. This predator found this place and tried a first attempt at snatching something to eat for itself.

A first attempt was unsuccessful so it found a hydro lamp to rest on and wait for the pigeons to settle. At the second attempt, the predator glided someplace to get near, and made another attempt. Same observation - some commotion, pigeons flying except, the predator held something on its feet while flying away.

We realized it was a pigeon because of all the feathers that were coming out during this intervention.

I have a few pictures below where it settled - on top of a traffic light post:

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