Red Tailed Hawk

by Latib
(London, Ontario, Canada)

One of our readers from London, Ontario, sent us this report of a Hawk sighting - This little Red Tailed Hawk unfortunately hurt one of its wings whilst pursuing a Squirrel.

We called Animal Control but they were reluctant to attempt a recovery while the little guy was perched on the branch, but wanted us to call the moment it landed on the ground.

After approx 24-36 hours we found him on the ground - happy ending - Animal Control took him away to tend to his injuries.

I took approx 50 photos of him very close up - no zoom - I used my point and shoot - he kinda ignored me which suited me just fine - those talons were NOT meant for meet and greet !!

Thank you for sending us this report and your great pictures, I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Great Opportunity!
by: Lisa Birtch

Wow! What a great experience to be so close to this bird. Isn't it powerful? One thing I wanted to say is that this isn't a Red Tail, it's a Cooper's Hawk - you can tell because of the tail - it's rounded on the end and has the black bars.

This doesn't diminish how great your story is, just thought I'd let you know!!

Thanks for sharing!

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