Red Tailed Hawk visits our feeders for small birds!

by Tom Gould
(Sebringville, Ontario, Canada)

I was telling a fellow bird watcher how this raptor visits our feeders on occasion.

While telling the story we were watching the feeders in our yard looking through our large rear window, the feeders are only about forty feet from our window.

Out of the blue a large raptor exploded on the scene, feathers flew and a couple dozen small birds flew in all directions!

The Hawk crashed in a heap feathers fully askew I almost fell over the coffee table reaching for camera!

My friend was in shock at such a sight - stood frozen said nothing!

Ready to get a picture I looked down and realized I grabbed the binoculars, by then it was bye bye birdie!

We did see the bright rust coloured tail and beautiful upper feathers, a mottled dark and grey.

Yes, a Red Tailed Hawk, and this was a third sighting.

Tom Gould

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