Red Tailed Hawk sightings

by Kathryn, Irene, Amanda
(Oakville & Hamilton)

Kathryn Schubert wrote to say ... this beautiful bird regularly visits our little backyard - we love it - such a treat each time we see it :) This is at Westoak Trails/Third Line Oakville, Ontario. Thank you for sharing the video!

Another reader told us about their sighting ... driving south on highway 410 near Eastgate Parkway ramp to highway 403 West on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 at 3:50 p.m. I saw a hawk perched on hydro tower.

Irene from Hamilton reported ... I know a pair of the Red Tail Hawks that live permanently at the Rosedale diamond park in Hamilton. I walk my dogs there, and they are always greeting us in the morning. One is mostly sitting at the top of the mesh fence and talking to another one across the park. May be he was warning his spouse! Very cute!

Amanda from Hamilton, Ontario, said ... for about a month I've noticed 3 hawks perching in a huge tree in my yard. This tree is home to many squirrels so I'd say they're collecting meals.

Another reader said ... Our phys ed class went outside to play baseball and we saw a hawk eating something furry while sitting on a soccer post. We could see tufts of fur coming off whatever it was eating, but it did not seem bothered that we were so close. We decided to move a little further away regardless! This was near 10th Line and Thomas St.

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