Red Tailed Hawk sightings

by Cindy, John Kelly, Teresa, Julie Hogg
(Scarborough, Guelph, Hamilton, Copetown)

Red Tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk

In June, Cindy from Scarborough wrote to say ... I work at a small Non-profit Housing Co-op in Scarborough, ON (located at Markham Rd and Blakemanor Blvd). The West Highland Creek Ravine System is behind the Co-op homes. This morning I saw a Red Tailed Hawk being chased by a smaller bird (which I could not identify). The hawk flew in large circles as the smaller bird was every so often striking the hawk. The hawk flew a little further away from the tree line and the smaller bird flew off. Once the hawk saw that the smaller bird wasn't pursuing any longer, it flew back to the same area and was circling overhead for about 3 minutes (presuming that it was looking for prey). I am sure that hawks are nesting nearby because I hear the hawk call every day (morning, afternoon and evening) as throughout the entire year.

From Guelph, in July, John Kelly wrote ... We have a resident Red Tailed hawk this summer at work (south end). Well today during my lunch I was lucky enough to have witnessed it catching lunch with me. Only 15 ft away from my picnic table I hear a thud. Quickly catching out of the corner of my eye I realized he had caught a small bird. One of the many that have been pestering him. He stayed still till he had finished squeezing the life out of his lunch. He then carried off his food to an elevated area where he de-feathered the small bird. What a sight to see. Lucky enough to have him as entertainment on my breaks.

Teresa from Hamilton, Ontario, wrote to say ... I opened my veranda door to feed the birds like I do every day, when a hawk swooped down, I think to get the Mourning Dove on the deck. The hawk saw me and I think it panicked and flew into my house, it then proceeded to my dining room window where it pecked at the glass to get out, so I moved away from the door and then it flew out!!! It happened very quickly and I was really scared as I had just woken up in the morning and was definitely not expecting this giant raptor to enter my home, I didn't even have my coffee yet lol. Beautiful creature !!!! But kind of scary!!!

Wow, what a story! That would be scary, even if you enjoy wildlife and birds, you don't expect them to come in your house!

Julie Hogg from Copetown reported a hawk attack on her ducks ... I was out walking my 3 pet ducks when a giant hawk (at least 4 ft wingspan and white underbelly) swooped out of a tree and grazed their backs with his talons. I rushed to lock them back in their pen and he attacked again while the ducks were at my feet. He hit my arm with his wings. I locked up the ducks and he proceeded to slam into the wire cage to get at them. He flew away and sat in a tree. I took his picture and turned to walk away. Fortunately I turned back around because he was about 6 feet away from me with wings spread and talons open flying straight at my head. I had to wave my arms to scare him away. He then flew down to my pond, picked up a full grown Great Blue Heron and dragged it into the bushes. What an awful sound. The heron got away but was injured. Wow exciting and scary.

Lordy - these hawks are getting very bold! We have had ducks over the years and I can't imagine a hawk coming for them when you are right beside them - that would be scary!

Donna G W Mills wrote to say ... I live in a townhouse complex in Barrie, Ontario, where I have several bird feeders in my backyard. I also feed pigeons and mourning doves by scattering seed on the ground. This past Christmas my son and daughter-in-law were over and my son was at the patio door watching the squirrels (yes they come here too) and pigeons, when all of a sudden a Red Tailed Hawk dive bombed into the yard after the squirrels and pigeons. The pigeons flew off (very quickly), the squirrels scattered and the hawk's wing tip hit the patio door. The noise startled all of us. Then it seemed to take off after the pigeons. I have never seen one in this area before and although I know it needs to eat too, I just hope it doesn't get my birds and squirrels and if it does, I don't want to witness the kill. The pigeons didn't come back after the event and the squirrels took over 30 minutes before venturing into the yard again.

Thank you all for sending us these interesting reports of hawk sightings, I know our readers will enjoy them!

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