Red Tailed Hawk Sighting

by Ron, Peter, Debra, Catriona
(Ajax, St Catharines, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Scarborough, Simcoe)

Ron wrote to say ... this was a late afternoon sighting in Ajax near Bayly St and Audley Rd. I observed it swooping down from a lamp post onto a small mouse or mole. I was driving at the time.

One of our readers wrote to say ... just outside of Dunnville, Ontario. We back onto an old rail bed and have been very lucky. We have a pair of Red Tails building a next just beyond the railbed and have a clear view from our bedroom window. Will add to this as things, hopefully, progress.

Peter wrote to say ... I was driving along Canal Road , which parallels the Welland Canal here in St Catharines, and drove by a very tall hawk which was standing in the grass at the roadside . It was about 2 feet tall and very colourful, it seemed quite at ease despite the vehicles. I see several hawks every week, but not as large as this one. Of course, I was driving and no camera!

One of our readers said ... we have a Red Tailed Hawk in our backyard daily at Bernard and Yonge St in Richmond hill.

Debra reported seeing a Red Tailed Hawk ... I live in the Elm Drive and Mississauga Valley Blvd and I am in Mississauga each morning around 7:30 when I see a pair of these birds flying overhead. They hunt for about 15 minutes and then disappear for the day.

One of our readers said ... I saw this huge Red Tailed Hawk fly through our yard and land on a nearby tree in Scarborough, Ontario at 9:45 am on February 19th. Maybe its the bird that lives at Seneca College nearby?

Catriona from Simcoe said ... Recent sightings of two red tailed hawks. It’s been a couple of weeks so it’s safe to assume they’ve moved into the small copse of deciduous and coniferous trees across the street from my house. A couple days ago I began hearing lots of squawks and squeaks that lead me to believe some babies have hatched!

Thank you all for sending these reports of your Red Tailed Hawk sightings - I have added a picture which I think is a RTH but if it isn't could someone let me know please!

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