Red Tail Hawk in London Ontario

by Leili Martin
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I have been noticing a huge bird in the last little while, in the Springbank Drive area.

It sits on top of a pine tree on the corner of the street & most recently on the electrical wire in front of the house.

I took pictures today but the battery is now dead.

It was screeching the other day very loud, and has been swooping through the neighbour's trees and mine, and has been flying over head my yard (backs onto Park & Greenway Park).

Caught it today back on the wires, it let me take pictures & stared down at me, very large, huge upper breast & ruffled (might have just ate?).

This was around 4:30pm, others came out to see it, then it dove down, flew full wing span to another tree top.

I have been looking at bird sites & think it is a large Red Tail hawk?

Possibly it has made a home this area, saw smaller hawks during spring in area.

Breast looked like dark bars design.

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