Recent Bald Eagle Sightings

by Maggie, Christine, L.J., Laura, Chris, Allana, Joan, Margaret, H MacLellan,
(Norval, Stouffville, Waterloo, Uxbridge, Keswick, Pefferlaw, London, Cornwall, North York)

Bald Eagle in flight

Bald Eagle in flight

Maggie from Norval wrote to report ... I just happened to look up and there soaring above was a very large bird, with a white head and white fanned tail. I sputtered to my husband ... "Oh my gosh, I think that is a Bald Eagle!" And it was. The sun was reflecting off the white of his tail and head, as it soared effortlessly above us against the clear blue sky. It was our first sighting ever of a Bald Eagle and it made my day. We live in Norval, Ontario and today is October 16, 2020. What a treat it was seeing this big beautiful majestic bird.

Christine wrote to say ... I woke up this morning to take my dogs for a walk on my property in Stouffville, Ontario to find the most beautiful Bald Eagle Sitting on the top of a Sugar Malple Tree. I was quite taken aback at how large he was and was at first convinced I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. I quickly whispered to husband who was just unpacking the car from a recent trip. Lucky for me, he had a pair of binoculars with him. As the beautiful eagle came into sight, he took a big poop! In my culture it’s actually considered goodluck. It was amazing to see this creature coming back to the area and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of him.

L.J. from Waterloo wrote to report ... I saw a Bald Eagle flying over the dam near Three Bridges Road in St Jacobs, Waterloo Region. I saw a large bird approaching and was startled by the size - I saw the long defined wing feathers and thought it was a large turkey vulture, but then as it came closer I saw the white head. I wondered if I was just being optimistic as I've never seen a Bald Eagle before, but as it passed overhead I got a good look at that white head and tail. It flew from upriver heading downriver.

Laura Freeland from Uxbridge reported ... I saw three crows chasing a large bird with a white head and tail and realized it was a Bald Eagle. It was gracefully flying away from the crows, circled back once and flew out of sight. I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle here before but hope to see if again.

Chris Williams said ... Saturday December 5th 2020, 8:15 a.m. East side of Tremaine, south of Derry Rd. Atop a lamp post. 100% Bald Eagle.

Allana Budway-Ram from Keswick wrote ... Luckily I was clearing the snow from the top of a neighbours SUV on December 15, 2020 at about 8:00 am. At Lake Drive South and Irene Drive, Keswick, Ontario. A wonderful sight to see! At first I was stunned, motionless... just watching it glide by. It was gliding by very low, only about 75 - 100 feet up! I say "luckily" because I could have missed it had I been shovelling the snow in the driveway and my head was looking down. Timing is everything.
Joan Wright from Pefferlaw wrote ... January 7th 2021 Having breakfast at our home on Duclos Pt. we witnessed at least 6 juvenile bald eagles trying to land on a thin ice floe. Hilarious to watch as they tried to find a space. Off to the side appeared to be 2 adults calmly watching from their own ice floe. The juveniles slowly drifted to the north into open water.

Barbara Legate wrote to report ... January 16th saw a pair of Bald Eagles on the Thames River, hunting, sparring with a Peregrine Falcon briefly. Unmistakable white head and tail, large, swooping and then darting down the river. The falcon came by several times, they screeched at it. No contact but definite words were exchanged.

Margaret from Cornwall Ontario wrote ... on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. (Don't have a great camera on my phone): Spotted Bald Eagles near ice edge on St Lawrence River while driving on hwy #2, east of Glen Walter, Ontario (east of Cornwall). So, I drove down a road filled with cottages and there was one adult and a large juvenile in a tree near the waters edge (backyard of a cottage). There were at least 6, maybe more standing on the ice near open water close to shore. They flew around a bit and re-landed. Appeared to be mostly adults. The week before heading west on the same hwy #2 near Glen Walter, Ontario. A single adult Bald Eagle was flying along the shore line right beside me as I drove. I pulled over and it flew directly above and in front of me and the height was enough to pass over the power lines. It flew inland and circled some and headed further inland to a conservation forest. Was really surprised at both sightings. First time I saw them in this area. Last summer I saw 7-8 at the Long Sault Parkway, Ontario. (west of Cornwall) Then sporadically seen single adults and 2 juveniles in that park over the summer till late fall.

H MacLellan, DATE: Feb 24, 2021 about 3:00 pm, LOCATION: Ontario; Wellington County: beside county road 124 on south side of Guelph Lake. DESCRIPTION: Large, magnificent white headed adult. Fabulous! ACTIVITY: flying about 7-12 m high from south side of 124 towards Guelph Lake, with a large amount of hay or grass in and hanging from claws. Lovely to see! Hope the grass or hay was for a nest!

March 1, 2021 soaring near Lawrence Ave. east and Railside Road, close to Charles Sauriol Conservation Area.

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