Pretty Poser

by Deanna Porter
(Guildwood Village, Scarborough,Ontario)

Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

I was on my patio one morning and this bird flying past got my attention.

There, atop a cement pillar landed the most odd looking feathered friend.

This bird I have never had the privilege to see.

Soft grey and fairly plump, a slightly curved beak, a good size, but what a surprise!

Underneath those wings was the most gorgeous shade of blue I have ever seen!

Still trying to find out what kind of bird it was?

Thank you for your pictures - I can't identify this bird, but would welcome comments and suggestions from our readers .....

I will also post this on our Discover Southern Ontario facebook page

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Northern Mockingbird
by: Anonymous

From the photos above, I would say that the bird is a Northern Mockingbird.

My Little Visitor
by: Deanna

Yes, thank you for your seems that just might be it! A Slate Junco? But .... that curved beak? The pictures I have seen the Juncos don't have that beak, and the blue under his wings was brilliant!

Slate Junco
by: Judy

I would say this is a Slate Junco. They are chubby, sweet little birds and like to ground feed below bird feeders.

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