Pouncing Coyote

by Tom Harpur,
(Meaford, Ontario)

We live on a small 50-acre farm near Meaford, Ontario. On Wednesday August 18th, while looking out our living room window, I spotted an adult Coyote, hunting in a hayfield close to the house.

It was 4 in the afternoon, in other words, broad daylight. It was obviously trying to pounce on field-mice or voles in the fairly long grass and made a number of leaps in the air coming down hard with its front paws. It came closer as it hunted - to within about 100 metres from the house.

After about 20 minutes, it decided that was enough and trotted off down the lane to an opening leading to the woods at the back of our property.

We often hear groups of them barking or yipping at night and suspect a kitten that disappeared at dusk about a year ago, was taken by one of them.

Apart from the kitten incident, we like having them share this area with us.

Thank you,

Tom Harpur

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