by Julia, Casey, Pat, Shirley, Colin, Holly, Trevor, Murray
(Churchill, Hockley Valley, Caledon, St Marys, St Clements, Owen Sound, Hamilton, Beach Hill (Toronto), Downtown Toronto )

Ontario Possum in a box

Ontario Possum in a box

Julia wrote to say ... we live on a 100 acres in Churchill and have a possum we see quite often. He/She comes on to our deck & goes into the play house there. We have two small dogs and are concerned about their safety and disease.

Casey from Hockley Valley said ... spotted by my cat on my back patio just before midnight. It was large and healthy looking.

Pat from Caledon said ... I just shone a flashlight outside to see what it was and then went outside to see what it was ... it eventually scurried off.

A reader from St Marys told us ... we had a possum stroll through our backyard twice this morning, they were checking through the leaf litter underneath our trees.

Shirley from St Clements reported ... on April 6th at about 7:00 p.m., a possum was spotted beneath our bird feeder. It looked like a cat, had a long white snout, rigid tail. It’s tracks were in a straight line as he walked in a few backyards. I got my camera but he was too far away to photo.

Colin from Owen Sound wrote ... some Possums seem to be living communally with four skunks under our back deck. Three of the four skunks have been caught and relocated. Hopefully the 4th is relocated tomorrow. I'm not sure if I’ll bother relocating the possums.

Holly from Hamilton wrote ... I thought my neighbour got a new dog (a wire haired terrier sort of dog) because my dog wouldn't leave the fence. Turns out to have been a possum. I think it's living under their garage or our shed.

Trevor Smith wrote ... hello, I live in Courtice, Ontario, and my wife saw a possum on our back fence at 4 am last March, on the night of Sat May 11th, the possum returned at 10 pm, and was wandering around the yard, now afraid to let our dogs out in the yard in the dark.

One of our readers from Beach Hill, Toronto, said ... I set a humane trap to catch a rat, but caught a rather mangy looking possum. I took it into a local park for release where it seemed very reluctant to leave the trap. I had to poke it gently with a stick and shake the trap. Once out it just sat there sniffing the air, seemingly stunned.

Another reader from Toronto said ... I was walking my dogs near Main and Danforth in Toronto and saw one lurking by the side of a house about 9 pm (this would have been May 22).

Thank you all for writing to tell us of your Possum sightings.

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