Possums sure get around

by Dick, Tom, Liza, Versaverioc, Karen, Wieslawa, William, Scott, Bill, Valerie
(Ancaster, Omemee, Orangeville, Ajax, Brighton, Barrie, Mississauga, Hamilton, Dunsford, London, Nobleton)

Judy & Al from Ancaster wrote to report ... we often have a possum raid the bird feeders in our backyard. Our house backs on to the Niagara Escarpment. They are a delight to watch from our kitchen window. Sadly, we have found two of the critters dead from exposure (2015, 2017) in the backyard after the spring thaw. We will send along a picture the next time we have a possum visit.

Dick from Omemee said ... I have no pictures but I know a possum when I see one, and I saw one, twice. In the area of Omemee, Ontario, Kawartha Lakes area. They are as ugly as all get out. To get into my garbage is a death sentence around here. You've been warned!

Tom from Orangeville said ... I saw one in the backyard eating bird food.

Liza from Ajax said ... in my backyard in Ajax today. I thought I saw a rat a month ago, but now I know it was a baby or smaller possum. This was bigger possum, we took video.

Versaverioc wrote to say ... Just spotted a big one in our back yard tonight! I'd never seen one before so I had to look it up to be sure it was one! Spotted in Brighton, Ontario!

One of our readers said ... I spotted a possum in my backyard in Barrie, Ontario in the early evening at the beginning of December. I live on a ravine so there is food water and shelter available.

Karen from Mississauga wrote ... I saw a tanned colour animal in a darkened area in a townhouse complex. I didn't look like a cat or dog but like a large rat, tan in colour and when I stopped to watch him it stopped and faced me and I could see it had a white face and pointed snout. I called someone to ask and they confirmed what I saw. He didn't run off very fast but did and disappeared into the night cold night, below 0.
Wieslawa from Hamilton wrote to say ... I saw adult possum in my neighbour garden today. It was looking at me through the fence not afraid of me, however my dog started barking and it ran away to the bush. I think it sleeps in that bush. My dog must have smelled it every morning since several days now. It is looking a bit intimidating at first as his nose and tail resembles a rat and you do not see them every day.

William from Dunsford near Lindsay wrote ... Our friend found one in a trap underneath her house and called me to release it.

Scott from London said ... my dog was barking in the back yard. It was 7:30 at night December 17. I got a flash light out and the possum was perched on a fence. I got the dog back inside and he/she went on their way. No visual signs of babies.

Bill from Loretto wrote ... saw one at night this week, likely eating the cat food for the outdoor cats. Was a bit confused by the lights of the car and scurried away. Out cats don't seem to pay it much attention. Thanks for the information I'll try to help it out through the winter with some food.

Valerie from Nobleton asks ... we have a little possum - initially frightened by our dogs who fortunately did not harm him. He appeared shocked, but as soon as I brought the dogs in he took off, so is hopefully OK. Should we be feeding him to help him get through the winter? We have a large property and can leave food away from the house and in a sheltered spot.

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