Possums spreading east of Toronto

by John, Jason, Farrah, Shellie, Ian and other readers
(Whitby, Scarborough, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax)

Possum on the fence

Possum on the fence

John, a reader from Whitby, Ontario, sent us a picture of the Possum in his yard! He also tells us ... The dogs have been barking and running to the back of the yard lately. Tonight I saw this guy.

Jason Rand from Oshawa tells us ... Last night on our fence we saw a Possum standing still. It was a larger one. I never saw a possum in Oshawa before!

Farrah Earl from Pickering, Ontario, wrote to say ... I have a Possum coming to my cafeteria for about a week now. I don't know if it is a female or male, but he is a beautiful creature and seems to be very gentle. He does let me approach him to be fed and looks at me when I am speaking to him.

A reader from Ajax wrote to say ... My husband saw a white Possum on our street in Ajax, Ontario, last night. It was probably checking out the garbage containers.

Shellie from Whitby, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... I was taking my dogs for a walk around 11:00 one morning, and lo and behold my Boston Terrier came face to face with a Possum. The Possum was hiding out in the long brush. I saw his teeth and heard his hissing. Wow, my dogs are all OK.

Another reader from Whitby says ... I saw a Possum in the backyard May 11, 2013. First time I've seen one here.

Ian from Scarborough wrote to tell us about his sighting ... A Possum about a foot long, just started lying between a small log and our front porch, in Scarborough Ontario. It was a warmish night in late April.

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Oppossum in my garage
by: Ralph in Pickering

I was putting out the garbage this morning and upon returning from the street , I noticed this large animal in the garage with a long tail and white snout. He did not scare easily and moved under my car and would not leave the garage until I finally got close and scared it. I am in the Dixie, Kingston road area of Pickering and I have now set a trap and will move it into the bush somewhere.

Another Possum Sighting - Whitby
by: Anonymous

Had two stray cats hang around by backyard this week so I provided a handful of dry cat food which they never ate. Later that night, I let our 12 & 3 year old cat outdoors in the cool night at about 9 pm. I turned the backyard lights on and saw the weirdest looking creature...it was a white Possum chewing on the leftover kibble. Never seen one before and scared the heck out me and my wife. It ran thru the fence and returned a few times again in the evening. Not sure if the cats will be safe with it in the yard so I have to seal the fence gaps to keep my pets safe. Cheers.

As far as I know, a Possum poses no danger to your cat, but if anyone knows for sure, please let us know.

Possums in Whitby Ontario
by: jenny

My husband and I saw one of these in the afternoon
in our Whitby backyard, do they live in trees?

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