Possums spotted in Ontario

by Marion, Roy, S Bowling, Dave, Paul T, Shelly, Matthew
(Shelburne, Omemee, Scarborough, Stouffville, Kitchener, Brampton, Guelph, Paris, Trenton)

Ontario Possum

Ontario Possum

Marion from Shelburne wrote to say ... We were driving along highway 89 about 10 km west of Shelburne when we saw the Possum crossing the road very slowly. It was about the size of a juvenile racoon.

Roy from Omemee told us ... this afternoon around 3:45 I believe I saw a possum crossing my lawn and it went into the woods. It had short white hair. First time I have seen one in this area.

S. Bowling from Scarborough wrote ... at least one animal has been around the yard at least since June. Definitely a possum. Just wondering if it will eventually move on or will it try to obtain room and board? THIS AND THE CAT ARE MY MAIN CONCERNS. I have seen it a few times in the back garden. Early morning and late at night, as I was trying to get the cat in. The cat does not seem overly bothered. Should I be concerned for its safety? While no food is left out, the usual things are available in the garden - snails, berries, anything the dogs leave behind before pickup, grass, worms.

Dave from Stouffville said ... we saw a Possum in our backyard this morning around 5:15am. There is not much to eat there with the exception of some seeds that have fallen from the bird feeders. Whether he may have seen us peering at him through the window or not he climbed up the back 6' high chain link fence and disappeared into the wooded area behind our home. We live in a small (36,000 pop) town north of Toronto.

A reader from Kitchener wrote ... we were trying to catch some rats living under our garden shed in a live trap and woke up one morning to find a possum in the trap.

Paul T from Brampton said ... we spotted a possum in one of our strawberry pots this evening - September 27 - at about 8.30 pm. We shooed it away, and it seemed to disappear, but reappeared about 30 minutes later, setting of our backyard light. It didn't seem very keen on the bed of hot peppers we have growing, and when we opened the door again, it ran off. We live in the far north of Brampton - Snelgrove (Hwy 10 & Mayfield).

One reader wrote ... on the "eve" of Thanksgiving, my daughter was having some friends over for a sleep-over. They were all sleeping in an outdoor bunkie at the back of our property. That night, two different possums appeared. One on the back deck, who did pretend he couldn't move (played "Possum") when we shone a light in his direction. The other was a more adult size and was hanging around the front of our property, in the flower gardens. I hope they snack on snails!!

Shelly from Paris told us ... we had one last night on our pool cover. My husband put a broom across to help the little guy out and he was gone this morning.

Matthew from Trenton reported ... I have been seeing a dead possum on our local roads about 1 a week for the last few weeks. There is a dead one in front of my house this morning. A live one crossed in front of me early one morning last spring. This tells me there must be quite a few running around.

Spotted a possum in our backyard, one evening in October, walking across from one side to the other. First time in over 30 years of living here.

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