Possums sighted north of Toronto

by Pat, Jim, Brenda, Debbie, Evelyn, Barbara, Peter, Rob & Dana
(Sutton, Coldwater, Little Britain, Bradford, Acton, Orangeville, Hanover)

Young Possum

Young Possum

Pat B from Sutton, Ontario, wrote ... we have rabbits that come and visit at nights to clean up around the bird feeders. Last night around 11 pm I looked out the window, the rabbit was eating. Then a small round animal came towards the rabbit, not rushing, but scared the rabbit away. I turned the outside light on to get a better look. It was definitely an opossum. He had a face that came to a point. Its colour was light. He just meandered down the side of the house.

Jim S from Coldwater, Ontario wrote to say ... I was looking out in the back yard in Coldwater on May 13th around 9:00 pm and saw a Possum eating bird seed. We live on the Coldwater River and are right in the village. I had no idea that Possums came this far north.

Brenda K wrote ... I have a Possum at my house on Lake Scugog, up by Little Britain. I thought it was a Rat! It wanders around doing what possums do. I hope it makes it through the tourist season!

Debbie from Bradford wrote ... I found one young Possum in my recycle bin, yesterday, let him go. This was the first in 10 years. I saw an adult dead on road few months ago and I saw one 10 years ago in our backyard.

Evelyn C had a night visitor ... I saw possum last night on our porch when I when trying to get my cat inside. The cat was nervous and wanted to stalk the possum but I was able to get the cat in and not the possum!

Barbara B from Acton wrote ... our motion light came on and there it was, a possum waddling across our backyard. Being from NS, I did not know what it was at first. This was June 28th.
Peter D from Orangeville said ... mostly seen as individual animals but have seen them in pairs occasionally. They are quite fearless & ignore us switching the patio light on or off. They just go about looking for scraps of food that our feathered friends have left during the day. Have not yet seen them with their young on their backs. We usually know when they are around because our indoor cat gets excited when she spots them through the patio door, although they just ignore her! They are not nesting in our garden as far as I know, but several of our neighbours have raised decks which probably provide them with a good home.

Rob & Dana from Hanover wrote ... this was July 2, a small juvenile possum was spotted around midnight, in the backyard. Last time we saw one, was about 10 years ago, in our yard in town of Hanover, Ontario, in southwestern area of the province. Similar conditions back then, heat waves, no rain, humid and dry for many, many days, was what has brought this species back into our cool, shaded and treed yard. Stunning and curious to see in our area.

Thank you for sending us this info, it is amazing how far the Virginia Opossum has spread into Canada, and they seem to be successfully surviving our winters up here.

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