Possums, Possums everywhere!

by Mark, Glenda, Melissa, Colleen,
(Ingersoll, Toronto, Sombra, Burlington, Oakville)


Mark from Ingersoll wrote to tell us .... 4 dead babies found in our suburban backyard - 1 today, 3 two days ago. 13 in a litter you say? OMG! where are they coming from?

And Glenda King from Toronto, Ontario says ..... I'm in a very busy area in Toronto. Victoria Park and Eglinton Ave. I have been feeding a stray cat out the back of my place. I went for a walk at 7am this morning to see if I could spot him, but instead ran into a large Possum who was coming out of a very over-grown vacant lot. He was slowly making his way over to the residential area across the street. I was completely shocked to know that we had Possum in such a busy area.

Melissa from Sombra says..... I saw a Possum when I was driving home after a night shift at work; around 5:40am. Didn't seem too alarmed when I drove by him, but moved into the field and out of sight.

Colleen, from Burlington, Ontario, told us ..... I saw one last year sitting on my recycle box, I think he lived in our shed in the winter because the floor was torn up. We live on a park and he has been spotted in the large evergreens, probably trying to get at the squirels nest. This is June 2013.

A reader from Oakville, Ontario, tells us ..... My husband had some rolled up rugs by the side of the house and decided to move them in June for garbage pick up, when he spotted three of them inside the carpet roll. One of them started playing dead so we put him in a bag and released him in the woods across the street from us. The other two took off although we saw him later on in our backyard, no doubt looking for a new home. They are ever so cute!

Thank you all for sending us your reports of Possum sightings!

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