Possums in the Winter

by Susan, Pam, Angela & Sean
(Toronto and area)

Susan Taylor of Toronto, Ontario says ... We saw a Possum in the back of the medical building at Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street area. It was approximately 8:45 a.m. March 15, 2013.

Pam from Stoney Creek says ..... My son and his girlfriend found one under my car a couple weeks back. Now, most mornings, I see tracks in the snow. Not sure where it's living, but it sure likes our driveway.

Angela spotted a Possum in Bowmanville ..... We were driving through Bowmanville on Concession St just east of Mearns Avenue on March 15 2013, when we spotted a Possum on the road, which of course made us quite sad. We didn't believe what we saw so we turned around to make sure and it was gone! We were relieved to know, it must have been "playing possum".

On March 23 2013 Sean from King City said ..... Right now there is one curled up in a garbage can in the garage. I thought something was wrong with it until I found your website!

A reader from Halton Hills said ..... A Possum visits our bird feeding station regularly and takes feeders down to ground. One is eating seed from ground right now at 6:57 pm.

Well, it looks like the Possums are active now it is Spring ... they are likely hungry and need to be out and about, whether there is snow on the ground or not.

Thank you all for letting us know about your Possum sightings!

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