Possums in the GTA

by Brittany, Dave, Cid, Krizta, Jessica, Jamil, Ro, Liz, Rick, Keith, Pat
(Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Scarborough, Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville)

Brittany Field wrote to say ... I was walking in my area in Oshawa, Ontario, and found one dead on side road. I've never seen one of theses ever in my life! It looked scary because I thought at first was a huge rat!

Dave from Whitby, Ontario, wrote to say ... we saw our first Possum tonight (February 25, 2016) as it was running along the top of the fence. This was around 6 pm, so not dark, but heading towards dusk. Didn't stop to pose for pics!

One of our readers from Whitby, Ontario, says ... I went outside late late last night to see the moon and there was a Possum deciding to walk past me and out of my garden.

Cid from Ajax wrote to tell us ... I just watched a Possum walking across the deck. When I approached it slowly walked off and went under the deck.

Krizta Khan from Scarborough says ... I just saw one from my window, for the first time in my life!

Jessica from Markham wrote to tell us about the Possum hanging out in a backyard ... I was out for a walk around 8 pm and I spotted the Possum walking around a backyard. I could not believe the size of him/her! I had to look it up right away, definitely a Possum!

Jamil from Toronto said ... I saw five of them on Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, around building garbage cans.

Ro from Toronto told us ... We have a cute little Possum (Polly, we call her) visiting us daily in our garden in downtown Toronto. We feed her cat kibble.

Liz from Toronto reports seeing Possums around the Beach area ... I was recently walking in a park just west of Toronto Hunt Club and noticed a strange and unfamiliar animal in a backyard. It had a pink snout, very black eyes, a bald tail and silvery coloured hair and clawed feet. Someone said it might be a Possum and sure enough.....it was exactly like the photos of Possums on the web. Seen in early April 2015.

One of our readers said ... We live in Port Credit, an area of Mississauga. We spotted a grey furry ball behind our back fence, and surprise, it was a Possum. We thought it was dead, but I am guessing that our dog gave it such a scare that it was playing dead, since it was gone when we went to check on it an hour later. This is the second Possum we have spotted in the area (not too far from the Credit River). The other one was last year. Funny looking creatures.

Rick Patterson from Mississauga wrote to say ... I woke up in the morning to find it sleeping in a bag I use for garbage. The front of the van was all messed up with it trying to eat what little food scraps were in this bag. Not knowing it was in there. Morning darkness - it nipped my hand and hissed as I went to put the garbage back in the bag. Opened both doors the with a broom stick, and pushed it out, bag and all. Then the fun started as I had my garage door opened and it went inside!

Keith A from Mississauga says ... I let the dog out in the back garden to do his business, he disappeared behind some small cedars at bottom of the garden. I went to see where he was and he was standing in front of a Possum, it had its mouth open showing its teeth. I shouted at the dog to leave and I kept my flashlight on the possum. My dog moved away and the Possum moved off in other direction. It may be harmless but it looked pretty vicious with those teeth showing.

Pat wrote to tell us ... We live in Brampton just south of downtown. We saw a Possum in our backyard this evening, we have a picture of him. He must have been under our table eating the berries off the vine that climbs on the house. First time I have seen one or heard of one in Ontario. Are there many in our area at this time of the year. With three dogs in our house should I be concerned. We do monitor our dogs when outside.

A reader from Oakville said ... On first sighting I had no idea what I was seeing. The quick sighting of our morning visitor in the back garden left me wondering if a saw a hairless skunk (11 March 2016). It was only after the second sighting, 2 days later, in the morning again, that I could clearly see it was a Possum. It was mostly white and seemed to have grey rings around its neck/face area. I was surprised to see it was making its rounds twice in daylight. I was more surprised to confirm it was a Possum - who would have thought we had them in Oakville. Unfortunately no picture, but will be ready next time.

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