Possums in the GTA and Niagara Peninsula

by Charles, Jay, Donna, David, Natalie, RJT, Rusty
(Grimsby, St Catharines, Brampton,Toronto, Burlington, King City, Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, )


Charles from Grimsby, Ontario wrote recently to tell us ..... I saw one in the backyard on the deck being curious then to vegetable garden. It jumped on my fence, opened its mouth wide and hissed. It was approximately 9:30 pm.

A reader from Brampton, Ontario, said ..... I have spotted one or two the past two nights in my neighbourhood. I have also spotted them in an industrial area of Mississauga.

Another reader wrote to us from King City and said ..... Last night my dog was barking like crazy and I let her outside thinking she had to go pee. She ran around the yard and chased a poor Possum into our pool that is being constructed. She is quite a timid dog and was barking at the Possum but the Possum just growled at her and no made no attempt to be aggressive at the dog that likely scared the daylights of out it.

A reader from Oshawa wrote to say ..... A possum was caught in live trap in a north Oshawa subdivision October 27, 2013. It was released at the local golf course hoping it will find a home. The trap was to catch what was thought to be raccoons fishing in a backyard pond filled with fish. In another September 2013 incident, a Possum was photographed eating along a waterway in Sandbanks Provincial Park south of Picton, Ontario.

Jay from St Catharines said ..... I was outside this morning around 6:30 am with my dog and I saw something moving across the road. At first I thought it was a giant rat then when I got closer, saw it was a possum - especially when my dog tried to attack, it made a hissing noise and opened its mouth with sharp teeth.

Donna Kozlov from Whitby, Ontario, said ..... I was standing on the front porch recently having a cigarette in the rain, when along comes a Possum from along the front of the garage. I gave him/her a little "Hey!" in surprise. Without even looking up, he waddled along the side of the house into the bushes!

David from Oshawa says ..... We saw a Possum on our backyard fence tonight. It watched me watching it for a while, and then it wandered away. This was on November 7, 9 pm, 2013.

Natalie from Pickering said ..... I just saw a Possum in my suburb in Pickering, Ontario. I live close to the Toronto border and my friend and I had no clue what this creature was at first. It looks like a giant rat with a snout, kind of reminded me of a pig. I didn't know the were invading southern Ontario.

A reader from the city of Toronto wrote to say ..... I have lots of wild life here in my back yard in Toronto - raccoons, squirrels, etc. Tonight we had a Possum turn up and it was amazing and quite tame took a few pictures. There have been several of them seen over the past few years, but they seem to be more prevalent recently. So interesting to watch and I hope they stick around for awhile.
RJT Toronto

Rusty from Burlington says ..... They come at night and eat the grease droppings from the BBQ in the pan!


Thank you all for taking the time to write and tell us, and our readers, about your Possum sightings - those little marsupials sure do get around!

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