Possums in London and all points south

by Hazel, Kathie S, Arthur, Lynn, Sue, Kathy H
(London, Kingsville, Lambton Shores, Tecumseh, Windsor, LaSalle, Amherstburg)

Hazel from London wrote to say ... I was walking home the other night with some friends when we saw a raccoon-sized animal with a ratty face and tail sitting in a driveway. Actually, it was so still I thought it was just a really ugly lawn ornament, until it moved! It scared the crap out of me. I didn't know we had possums here, or that they could be so BIG!

Kathie S said ... My husband and I live in southern Ontario, Kingsville. We have a very cute white Possum visit every night to check to see if our feral cats have left any food. The cats do not seem afraid of her/him, nor it of them. S/he often looks in our kitchen door window as if asking for food. So glad to hear it is not from the rat family!

Arthur from Kingsville has a new tenant, he wrote ... The Groundhog living under my porch has moved out and the Possum has moved in!

Lynn from Lambton Shores wrote ... We are in a trailer park and several units have "live" trapped Possums under their unit. I believe I have one (or more) under my unit. I require work done under my unit and the individual I had to check out the work thought I had rats and will not do the work until I get the situation rectified. We know we do not have rats here. I cannot find where the critter gets in, but would really like to get rid of it without incurring great expense. Any suggestions?

One of our readers from Tecumseh wrote to say ... my two Cairn Terriers were going berserk trying to dig under an overturned wheel barrow. I flipped it over and underneath was a Possum. Needless to say the dogs went after it - I managed to subdue them and get them in the house. The Possum appeared dead when we left it, however was gone when I went back out to the yard to dispose of its remains.

A reader from Windsor said ... My dog was barking furiously at the front door but when I looked I couldn't see anything until a car drove by and lit up the area under a tree near the front door. I thought at first it was the cat from next door but when it turned I saw the pointed nose and then the rat like tail. I live in South Windsor in an area with open fields and bush. The Possum was not bothered by my barking dog he just slowly moved on. I was surprised by how close it came to the front step.

Sue from LaSalle said ... They dig many, many holes in my yard presumably looking for insects. I thought it was a raccoon as I have seen some in the area, however, the other night I saw one in the yard. Never thought it was a possum!

Kathy Hanes from Amherstburg said ... I let my dog out at midnight September 9th, 2015. She went crazy barking, there was a Possum on out back fence. I couldn't get her away, so I ran inside for a flashlight, which finally scared the poor fellow along the fence to a neighbours.

To Lynn from Lambton Shores - I'm not sure what you can do about the possums under your home, maybe pest control could help, although they are pretty harmless.

To our reader fromTecumseh - it sounds like it really was playing Possum!

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