Possums in abundance

by Terry, Terry, Larry, Alison, Peter, Jane, Graham, Jillian
(Mississauga, Whitby, Burlington, Dalkeith, Collingwood, Listowel, Oshawa, Maidstone)

One of our readers sent this picture from last winter ... I saw this guy in the backyard. Thought it was a giant rat at first, then got a better look at him.

Terry from Whitby says ... we have a possum that comes up on our deck around 2 am every day.

Margaret, also from Whitby, wrote ... I saw a solitary Possum seen 8.00 pm walking along the fence of a house in Brooklin (Whitby) Ontario, February 22 2018. The neighbors say they have seen one around the area during the last 12 months.

Another reader from Whitby wrote ... for the past couple of weeks our security camera has picked up on a possum - always in the evening - around the Rossland and Thickson area.

Larry from Burlington reported ... sighted an adult possum today around 5 pm walking through the snow in the back of my condo area, in Burlington, Upper Middle Road / Walkers Line area.

Alison from Dalkeith wrote to say ... I was driving through St. Lazare, Quebec last evening and I am 99% sure I saw a possum cross the street. I swerved to avoid hitting the poor thing and I'm pretty sure I didn't hit him! Thank goodness. I have never seen one before in my life! Cute little creature!

Peter from Collingwood said ... I have seen at least one for the last 3 years and I have trail cam pictures of them eating rabbit food in the fall on our back deck. Had a very healthy looking one visiting in late February 2018, to eat rabbit food and bread chunks. They do not appear to be concerned with other animals (rabbits, racoons or skunks) being close to them.

Jane from Listowel said ... just recently I have a noticed a possum one evening and have seen it many times, almost every day now.

A reader from North East Oshawa wrote ... Sooo cute. We back onto a ravine and have a possum living under our back shed. He or she comes up every night for a daily snack that I leave out for it. It prefers apples. I hope my feeding it, is ok to do. I know they love to eat ticks, so hopefully he is getting his fill of any ticks in the woods out behind the houses.

Graham wrote from Oshawa ... early morning look out window for rabbits and see a cat-sized possum ambling across the yard. Amazing!

Jillian from Maidstone, Ontario, wrote ... my dogs last night discovered a possum and it had taken refuge in my lilac tree. Poor thing. Got my dogs away from it and into the house. Then my mother who lives next door had a visit from it right on her windowsill where she puts out birdseed. It was having a feast. Scared the daylights out of her although I assured her it was harmless.

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