Possums in Abundance!

by David, Lisa, Duane, D Middleton & several of our readers
(Renfrew, Read, Toronto, Holland Marsh, London, Niagara Falls, Ajax, Cherry Valley, Rexdale, Windsor )

Possum in the yard

Possum in the yard


One of our readers wrote to tell us ..... My daughter saw a Possum cross the road, near the swamp, just outside of Renfrew, Ontario. :)

David from Read, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I saw a Possum last night, eating a dead Raccoon on the road by the house. Wasn't sure if we had Possums in our area north of Belleville, but yup we do!

A reader from Victoria Park and Gerrard area of Toronto wrote to tell us that he saw ..... A white Possum and the size of a Shitsu. I'm over run with raccoons living in a large willow tree overhanging my property and I think we have seen a Muskrat as well. I get less nature at the cottage!!

A reader from London, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I have seen three Opossums in about one month in my backyard. I live near the woods. One day there was a dead one near my shed that was about 8 inches long. The next day I saw a mature one in my backyard. Yesterday I found a small one in my recycling bin that scared me. I did not know it was there and it hissed at me. Later when I went back to look, I saw it curled up in the bin sleeping.

Lisa, from Niagara Falls told us ..... I went out for a smoke at about 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 19, 2014. As I was standing at my back door I noticed something run behind my vehicle which was parked in the driveway. The next thing I knew an Opossum was there at the front of the vehicle. We both looked at one another. Not knowing what it might do as it was only feet away from me I turned to run inside, when I looked back it was gone. I wish I would have had my cell phone to take a picture as no one believes me when I tell them.

A reader from Ajax says ..... I saw an animal that looked like a small raccoon. When I had a closer look I noticed the longer nose and the hairless tail. I Googled it to find out what it was. I thought maybe someone's pet escaped. I found your site. I thought I would let you know where I spotted it for your tracking.

A reader from Cherry Valley wrote to say ..... Our neighbor was trying to box trap and relocate a Raccoon, but found an Opossum instead. He released it not far from where it was captured. Many pictures taken while in the wire box.

Duane from Rexdale wrote to say ..... We have had a full grown one in our back yard for a couple of years now. My wife just showed me 2 little ones hiding behind her plants at our front door. We have fed the big one our cat's cat food and it seems to enjoy it. We just put a bowl of food out for them, but they look frightened as our cat is out there, now I know cats bully them. That the reason I looked this up. I'd better keep an eye open. They are very cute and harmless.

A reader from Toronto says ..... We live in Bloor West Village in Toronto, Ontario, and have a Possum regularly visiting in our back yard at about 10:00 pm in the evenings. He (or she) doesn't appear to notice us and cruises around our very tiny backyard looking for things to eat. It will come within a foot or two of us if we are sitting quietly.

A reader from Holland Marsh wrote to say ..... We just saw a possum in the Holland Marsh. Our Jack Russell/Chihuahua was making quite a raucous, and my husband caught the little critter. We thought it was dead so my husband put it down on the ground and as it turned out the little sneak was playing dead...lol.. "playing possum". We were just looking up what these little critters are capable of and now feel more relaxed knowing our dogs and cats are probably safe. Marsh mellows....

D. Middleton from Windsor, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I let my 16 lbs dog out before bed and it caught a Possum. The Possum played dead and was voluntarily dropped.

A reader from St. Catharines says ..... We live in a residential area. Found a small Possum in our kiwi vine at 4 pm. Washing his hands and just chilling on the fence.

Thank you, dear readers, for sending us these reports of your Possum sightings!

We have hundreds of pages on this website, but believe it or not, our Possum pages are the most popular!

Each day, dozens of people search the web for information about these little marsupials, and find our website, and thanks to our readers, people find where and when these critters have been seen in Southern Ontario!

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by: Alison

I too have regular Opossums visiting my back yard in Paris, Ontario. These guys are in the "so ugly they`re cute" category! I love them!

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