Possums East of Toronto

by Lynn, Frank S, Crystal G, Paula G, Lisa S, Johanna
(Pickering, Cobourg, Trent Hills, Trenton, Camden East)

Ontario Possum

Ontario Possum

Lynn from Pickering wrote ... I saw a possum last night on the fence in our backyard. It seemed to follow me with its eyes as I had a flashlight on it. This was about 9 o'clock last night.

Frank from Cobourg reported ... last Sunday, just before noon, my wife spotted a rather large Possum on the hill behind our house. This animal was about the size of an average Racoon, with a big furry body, foraging at the base of our spruce trees, about thirty-five meters from our window. Both of us had a good, face-on look at this creature. We were surprised as we've only seen a Possum in the southern USA.

Crystal G from Cobourg wrote to say ... I went to let my dog out and I'm glad I turned the light on. It was sitting by the barbeque eating something. I was so surprised because I didn't think they were here in Ontario. It was a very cool thing to see and hope I get to see it again. I did get a video but it was dark.

Paula G from Trent Hills wrote to report ... this morning, at 6:30 am a Possum was walking across our front lawn. I've never seen one before! I've seen a lot of wildlife ... moose, bear, coyotes, foxes, eagles, and all the little critters (skunk, porcupine, gophers, rabbits, etc.) around this part of the world, but never an Opossum. First time for everything! We live half way between Havelock and Campbellford, Ontario, 45 minutes east of Peterborough, and 45 minutes north of highway 401. The Possum walked across the road, from the farmer's field, onto our lawn and into the forest behind the house. I ran out in my socks on the wet grass with my camera, but only got one poor quality photo. I looked for him for 10 minutes but he was gone. Funny thing is, this is one week after our daughter told us that she saw a Possum in her backyard in Peterborough. I've been alive half a century and never seen an Opossum or talked to anyone around here who has.

A reader from Trenton wrote ... I was driving home after picking up my daughter from work late last night. As I was approaching a railway crossing on RCAF road, an animal was scurrying across the tracks as I was about to cross them, when the headlights shined on it, he quickly turned around to retreat and that's when I got a good look at it. I was like "What the heck? That's a Possum! He doesn't belong around here!" I was surprised to see on this site how common they are becoming around here.
Lisa S from Trenton wrote ... I've never seen a real possum until this spring I have seen 1 alive in my friend's yard and 3 other on side of road this year.

Johanna from wrote to say ... I just saw a possum heading across county road 4, from west to east, approximately 2 km south of Camden East which is west of Kingston and east of Napanee. S/he was in a hurry and we managed to avoid it so all was well. It appeared in good health, alone, and fast. The time was 22:05 hrs on 4 July, and this was our first ever sighting! Very cool!

Thanks for writing to tell us about your Possum sightings, these animals are surviving well in Ontario and seem to be spreading northward.

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