Possums around the area

by Ted Gibson, Kirk & Michelle, Gail
(Wasaga Beach, Etobicoke, Cobourg, Hamilton)


Ted from Wasaga Beach wrote today to tell us ..... I saw a Possum last night, picking up sunflower seeds from the grass around my bird feeders - what a surprise and a delight.

Kirk and Michelle from Etobicoke, Ontario, told us ..... I went to close the front door and there was a Possum at our front door on the veranda just sitting there! We had never saw one before so we googled and found pictures of them! It was definitely a possum!

Gail from Cobourg, Ontario, wrote to say ..... My husband saw a possum here in Cobourg for the first time last night. He says the animal, at about midnight, wandered into the middle of the road, then thought better of it and ambled back. We did not know we had marsupials in Ontario - fascinating!

A reader said ..... I peeked out my side porch door and saw a Possum. I did not even know for sure what I had just seen, so Googled it right away. In fact, at first I thought it was a huge rat until it turned to look at me. It had a rather cute face, with a big rat body!

A reader from Hamilton, Ontario, says ..... Saw one last night in the backyard sneaking alongside the fence.

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by: Marie-Anne

I live in Wasaga Beach, and my backyard is backing onto greenspace. I put the dog out last night and heard her barking. She is usually quiet unless someone is on the property. So I went to see what was the commotion about and noticed an opossum coming down a tree and walking around in the forest. Never saw one before. It was interesting to see how it was not scared of the dog. I was unaware we had opossums in Ontario and was surprised that they were able to adapt to snow, and our climate.

by: Anonymouscarmen

We have a trailer at Wasaga Beach, Ontario - we have seen this Opossum a few times, plus a larger one, they come to the deck. They eat the cat food we leave out for the feral cats. It didn't get excited when it saw us, just looked and ambled away. One seemed to have a sore leg. We would like it to come back this year, so we put straw under the trailer in the fall hoping it wouldn't freeze to death. Also saw one in Brampton in our recycling bin, same thing, it just ambled away.

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