Possums are Everywhere

by Tom, Gabriel, Cora, John, Marcel
(Everywhere across Ontario!)

We have received many reports of Possums this week, so I have combined them into one page ..... you may live where the Possums are living!

Tom from Mississauga says ..... I live along Etobicoke Creek - the border between Mississauga & Toronto. I have seen 3 Possums in the past 10 years. The first two were seen late at night. I just saw one yesterday afternoon climbing up a small tree near the creek in the park just below Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Gabriel from Newmarket, Ontario, says ..... on March 24, 2013 in the evening there was an Opossum in our back yard eating my beef stew we had let outside to cool down. When I approached, it gave me a hissing sound and then fled. First time we ever saw such a mammal

Cora from Brampton says ..... on Monday March 26th at 7.30 am I saw a Possum sitting on top of an upright post, it looked sick. It was on McKillop Court Brampton.

On April 1 2013 John from Jordan Station saw a Possum, he says ..... 7-30am 1st April (Not a April fools trick) a Possum wandered across my rear yard quite casually. This is the first I have seen around here in 18 yrs.

A reader from Windsor, Ontario said on March 31st ..... we have two in and around our backyard. They walk the fence line at night and our dogs have had a tussle with them on more than one occasion. They get knocked off the fence and play dead and the dogs just lay next to it. The possums just keep coming back.

Another reader said ..... Possums in the Beach March 28th - Just spotted one last night in our backyard. We back onto the Hunt Club golf course near the Scarborough Bluffs. They can fight it out with the racoons.

Marcel, from Grand Valley near Orangeville, on March 27th 2013 said ..... Possum at bird feeders
I'm living on the 10th Line, near Grand Valley in Ontario, I saw a Possum at my bird feeder last night. I also saw another one last summer, my dog was barking at him, he was on his side pretending he was dead, the mouth wide opened showing his sharp teeth.

Thank you all for telling us about these little critters in your area! They are all over the province, especially in the south, and they are spreading and adapting to our cold winters.

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