Possums across the province

by Maria, Susan, Larry Rendall, D Burke, Roy, April, Ginny, Ray, D Monchamp
(Scarborough, Ottawa West, Damascus, Grimsby, Brantford, Brampton, Aylmer, Thornhill, Windsor)

Ontario Possum

Ontario Possum


Maria from Scarborough wrote to tell us ..... In the mid evening this January (2014) our indoor cat was frantically meowing at the back patio door. We switched on the light and saw a rat like animal under the bird feeder eating the seeds off the ground. We watched it slowly makes it's way to the next yard. This morning (March 31/14)we saw this animal again walking along our backyard fence.It was quite amazing to watch it sauntering along. It is actually a very beautiful animal.

Susan from Ottawa West wrote to tell us that she saw her first Possum ..... Some friends where over and when they went to leave by my front door their was a Possum on my porch. I would think it is because I put seed and leftover cat food out for the stray cats and wild birds in my area. I must say it was very healthy looking with very nice fur.

A reader from Damascus (near Arthur) wrote to say ..... We have a feral cat that we feed outside our door. I just saw a Possum at the dish. It moved very slowly as it waddled to the back. This was on March 8, 2014.

Larry Rendall from Grimsby, Ontario, wrote to tell us about his 8:00 pm Possum sighting on March 7th 2014 ..... Our Bichon alerted us by barking vigorously, to something peering in through our large sliding patio door. The marsupial was up on our porch which is 5 steps high. We have a bird feeder suspended about 5 feet high over a small garden. Other than that we have nothing edible outside.

D Burke from Brantford says ..... Sitting in the living room which has a patio door (thankfully closed) my cat wanted to go out and as I went to open the door there it was sitting right on the other side of the door. It did not in anyway appear scared and was just poking through the snow looking for food. It sat there a good five minutes before working it's way around the edge of the doorway to the edge of the deck and gone. Even with the cat sitting on the inside of the window looking out the Possum didn't budge.

Roy from Brampton says ..... I found one in my garage, it got caught in the door and died. For a moment I thought it was playing Possum.

April from Scarborough tells us .....I saw a Possum outside the living room window, I rushed around to the side door to see if I could get a picture of it, and came face to face to another one in the small blue recycling bin. I think there are living somewhere on the property. That was last weekend and I just saw the one again today (March 1/14)

From Aylmer, Ontario, Ginny wrote to say ..... My cats were under my deck playing when they came out a little Possum cam out with them. It was hungry so I fed it and it went back under. Didn't see it for a couple days, then yesterday I looked in my cubby-hole on the side of my house and there they were. Once they get bigger I will plug the hole mom dug and hopefully they can't get in.

Ray from Thornhill helped a little Possum ..... I just saw one in Bathurst and 16th area in Thornhill, looking for food. Gave it couple of pieces of bread. The happy camper went on his journey.

D Monchamp from Windsor, Ontario, tells us ..... A Possum was out in the daylight today February 20/14 and then curled up on top of the front tire. Tried to scare him away would not leave. Hopefully he will be gone by morning.

Thank you all for writing to us to report your Possum sightings - we always enjoy reading about them, and I know our readers do too.

Ouch, that is sad about your Possum, Roy!

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