by David Connor
(London, Ontario, Canada)

My wife found our dog (miniature schnauzer) jumping at the fence.

No harm done, and we all went out to look at the little fella.

Took a picture and I'm sure he's looking for food. Pretty cool.

I'm not really interested in the photo contest just sending in shot.

Thanks for the picture, David, this is a cute little fella and I'm switching your picture over to our "Possums" section where lots of people will see it!

Thanks for sending this to us!

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Possum in Toronto
by: cindy

Rescued a Possum from traffic and dehydration at Pape and Danforth. The poor thing looked like it wasn't going to make it.

I poured water over it gently and ran to get it food.

Once it was hidden from the sun and drank water it crawled in a box to safety until Toronto Animal Services picked it up.

They are so cute.

Bless you for taking care of this little creature - and yes, they are cute .... in an ugly sort of way!

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